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We have recently switched to using distilled water in our water lines for doing our procedures.
As you know, distilled water has eliminated the bacteria from the water making dentistry possible under complete sterile environment.

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Reasons to Avoid Chewing on Ice
Posted on 7/23/2019 by Sean Saghatchi
It is a normal thing to do. When you finish your cold drink and are left with a glass full of ice, you may start eating the ice. There are two ways to eat the ice. It is possible to let it melt in your mouth, but if you are like most people, you chew on the ice to break it into small pieces. As dentists, this is something we want our patients to avoid. These are the reasons we tell people not to chew on ice. Why Chew Ice Ice is frozen water. It contains no nutritional value. It has no calories and no vitamins or mineral. Since it does not offer the body anything of value, why do people chew it. For some people it is nothing more than a habit that they don't even think about. If they have a cup of ice, they chew it without even thinking about it. It might help them pass the time or it might serve as a diversion. Some people chew on ice to help them with a dry mouth. There are also some studies that show people with anemia are more likely to chew on ice. No matter what the reason, if people realize the problems that chewing on ice can cause, they may find a way to overcome their habit. The Dangers of Chewing Ice Ice is a hard thing to chew. Depending on the size of the ice cube and how frozen it is, the possibility of damage from chewing a hard object is something to think about. There are many people who have broken, chipped or cracked a tooth when they chewed on ice. Chewing on ice can also damage the enamel that protects the teeth. This can lead to issues with tooth decay and cavities. Also at risk when chewing on ice is any dental work. Fillings, veneers, crowns and other types of dental work are all at risk for damage from chewing ice. The bottom line is that chewing ice is a bad idea. If you need to put the ice in your mouth, choose crushed ice and let it melt away instead of chewing on it. For more information about this or any other oral health issue, contact our office to schedule an appointment....

Improving Oral Health Enough for Dental Implants
Posted on 7/13/2019 by Sean Saghatchi
Dental implants are the big buzz for patients who have lost one or more teeth or even those who may need dentures. Dental implants have been around for quite a while and the technology is improving all the time. If you are considering dental implants, there are some things you should know and ways you can prepare to ensure that the procedure is successful. Though 97 percent of implants are successful they can fail. Frequently these failures are due to the patient not following the instruction we give to ensure success. There are steps you can take to increase the success of your implant. For your implant to have the best chance of success your gums must be in good shape. Your remaining teeth should also be healthy so to start, ensure that you conform to a good oral hygiene regimen. Brush your teeth twice daily and floss at least once a day. If you smoke, stop. Nothing can kill the chances of a successful implant more than smoking. Not only does it affect your teeth, but it also affects your gums. They must be healthy in order for the implant to last. Once you get the implant, do not begin smoking again. It can still cause your implant to fail. Can Anyone Get Implants? Most healthy people can get implants but there are certain conditions that can preclude your eligibility. For the most part, if you can handle a tooth extraction you can medically handle dental implant. As mentioned earlier, heavy smokers, though they can get implants, have a higher chance of failure. If you have diabetes or heart conditions your condition will require us to evaluate you on an individual basis. The same is true if you have had radiation therapy on your head or neck. Some of our patients have an insufficient bone for the implant to screw into and those patients may require a routine bone graft before the procedure can be performed....

Important Questions to Ask Us at Each Appointment
Posted on 6/25/2019 by Sean Saghatchi
When you come into our office for any sort of dental work, you can be sure to ask the questions that you want to know more about. Not only are we open to answering these questions, but we welcome them. We want everyone to know that they can get the level of care that they deserve when they come in to see us. We can provide the help you need. Here are some questions that are commonly asked by those that come to see us. I am Having Terrible Tooth pain, What Could be Causing it? There are a number of factors that could cause tooth pain to happen. Whether you have decay that has gotten out of control, if you have dental disease of any kind, or if you have an abscess; all of these can be reasons for discomfort. In order to better assess the situation, we have to provide an exam to find out what exactly is happening and what is causing the pain. What should I Expect When it Comes to a Teeth Cleaning? When you come in to our office to have your teeth cleaned, you're met with our awesome hygienists that provide you with a cleaning that scrapes the plaque off the outside of your teeth. They then brush and polish them for you. If you need a fluoride treatment, this is when they provide it. After the cleaning is done, our dentist comes in to provide an exam. They will see if there are problem areas that need work just by taking a look. How Often Should I Come In? Dental cleanings and exams are recommended every 6 months. If work is required, appointments can be set up during those times. Speak with our office today when you give us a call to schedule an appointment for a cleaning, an exam or just because you're experiencing tooth pain....

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